Welcome to Project Cygnus, we kindly invite you to join the Advena family.

Project Cygnus is a profile picture project coming to the Tezos blockchain that has been created using real life facts about the cosmos and earth's space ventures with the art being created by a very talented South African artist. The team at Project Cygnus have been in the tezos space as collectors for more than a year and have built up an insane passion in profile picture art.

We also believe Project Cygnus will become one of the biggest collections on tezos because;

1) Our passion for this space is ever increasing.

2) We have experienced people behind the scenes that know the trends and will be able to bring satisfaction to our collectors.

3) Our artists are creating profile pictures in a style not yet seen on the tezos blockchain.

4) Each Advena (character) has complex animated attributes to it, not just still images.

5) The traits are very unique and took a lot of time to create as we aimed to create traits that would not be normally known to a human.

6) The utility event later in the year will be a chance for collectors to exchange their existing Advena for a new undisclosed member of the Advena civilisation.

7) We want to involve the community with their ideas and hear suggestions to see how we can satisfy them.

8) In the end we are aiming for Project Cygnus to be known as a blue chip pfp project on the tezos blockchain.

We will start with the golden record which triggered the whole idea for Project Cygnus. The golden record is a real life record designed by NASA. It was launched from Earth inside the two voyager crafts back in the 1970's. Each voyager rocket carried a golden record which depicted the whole of humanity into one golden disk. On the disk are instructions to decode it if it were ever to be found by another civilisation. The decoded information will show any advanced civilisation where Earth is approximately located in space and the rough time in light years it is to other known galaxies. Back in the 1970's the government covered up as many alien sightings following the Roswell incident in the 1940's. It makes you think why this Golden record was included onto the voyager crafts, they knew something no one else did.


Recently , one of the voyagers crafts was intercepted by an advanced alien species called the "Advena", a collective name for this advanced civilisation. The Advena  decoded the encrypted information from the record and located the whereabouts of Earth (version: milkway)

The Advena visited Earth from a distance and were met with mostly death , destruction , greed and power hungry leaders. They concluded that the human civilisation would cease to exist in less than 1000 years. Either Earth's fossil fuels would be depleted and the ozone layer would eventually crumble thus wiping out all of humanity or humanity would continue to wage war on each other causing a nuclear fallout.  

Therefore, the Advena have offered salvation for the human race in the amount of 2000 people only. Using their advanced technology, they will capture the human consciousness and transport it to their home planet , Kepler-452b where synthetic bodies will be made to house a human consciousness.