The Advena is the collective name for this alien civilisation and within it exists 3 sub-populations the Tek-gens, Photonics and one more which will be introduced during the utility event of Project Cygnus at a later date.  The Advena live on planet Kepler-452b which exists in the constellation Cygnus about 1400 light years from earth.  (hence Project Cygnus)


Firstly , the Tek-gens are a group that arrived from the Andromeda galaxy thousands of years ago to Keplar-452b. Tek-gens have become fully integrated with technology thus each Tek-gen will have unique technological aspects that can only be found on this sub-population. There will be 1400/2000 Advena which will be a tek-gen.

Secondly , the Photonics are a civilisation that live on light energy only and were born in a galaxy incomprehensibly far to their current home , Keplar-452b. The Photonics are able to survive in space without the need for an atmosphere and do not require any features known to the human race. They are made of light energy thus each Photonic will have unique energy features only available on this sub-population. There will be 600/2000 Advena which will be a photonic.